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Welcome to the farm! 

Terre à Terre Farm is located in Claudville, Virginia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We specialize in growing top-quality, consciously farmed Cut Woody Ornamentals, Branches and Perennials for the cut flower industry. 

Here at Terre à Terre Farm we prioritize using sustainable farming methods as we know that the cut flower industry can have a significant impact on the environment. We focus on soil health and biodiversity, helping to maintain healthy ecosystems and promoting long-term fertility of the land.  Our use of modern cultivars of plants also plays an important role in sustainable farming practices. These cultivars are developed through careful breeding programs that select for desirable traits such as disease resistance, drought tolerance, and high yields.  Modern cultivars can also help to improve soil health by being more efficient at taking up nutrients and by promoting beneficial soil microorganisms. We are always learning more and adding new cultivars to our lineup.

Wholesale bunches available in North Carolina, Virginia, DC and Southern Maryland

We are very proud to be members of American Grown Flowers & Foliage.

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