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The Bearded Iris Grower's Pack is a collection of six Tall Bearded Iris Rhizomes. Each one of the selections makes a great cut flower and will be a fantastic start to your Bearded Iris Collection! All of these beauties are suitable in zones 3-9, so pretty much EVERYONE can grow them! SHIPPING IN AUGUST!


Bearded Iris Grower's Pack includes ONE rhizome of each of the following:


Neptune's Wine- Early, Very large Mahogany standards and falls. 41"


Mariposa Autumn- Early-Mid, Reblooming, Violet standards with lightly ruffled white falls that are edged in Violet. 32"


Peggy Sue- Early-Mid, Reblooming, Pink standards contrasted by light pink falls. 34"


Wintry Sky- Early-Mid, Extremely ruffled Violet standards with blue border and blue-white falls. 7-8 blooms per stem!! 36"


Edith Wolford- Mid, large bi-color blooms. Canary yellow standards and blue-violet falls. 35"


That's All Folks- Mid, Golden yellow standards with yellow and white streaked falls. 40" 

Tall Bearded Iris Grower's Pack

  • Bearded Irises love a sunny spot with well draining soil. Afternoon shade is fine, but to bloom their best, full sun is recommended. To plant your rhizomes make a small mound in your soil. Lay the rhizome with the roots draping down the sides of the mound. Backfill your soil making sure to cover all of the roots and only half of the rhizome. They really want to bake in the sun! 

    Bearded Irises can be planted anywhere from 12" to 24" apart, depending on how often you want to divide them. The closer together, the more often you will need to split them to keep them from becoming too crowded. Spacing that is further apart allows you a few years before you would need to think about splitting them. 

    Bearded Irises do best when given plenty of time to establish in late Summer into Autumn before hard frosts arrive. We ship our Irises in August so you have plenty of time to get them in their new homes! 



  • Shipping will begin in August. If you are local and would like to pick up at the farm, click Pick Up in checkout. 

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