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The freshest Lilies, grown here on our farm in Virginia! We grow a selection of Orientals, OT Hybrid and Double Orientals. Let us share the best of our field with you! 


  • Farmer's Choice Lily Bouquet includes 10 stems of our freshest Lilies. The bouquet will be Farmer's Choice on variety, so each bunch is a surprise of unique colors and varieties! 


You can pick up at the Farm, have it delivered within 15 miles of the farm or have it shipped overnight! Our Bouquets do not come in a vase, they are hand tied and wrapped. 


Farmer's Choice Lily Bouquet

    • Our flowers will come to you with a Hydration Wrap on them to keep them drinking on their way to you.
    • Once you get home with your flowers, remove the Hydration Wrap and give the stems a small trim about 1" from the bottom of the stem. 
    • Always use a clean vase with fresh water. We provide one flower food packet. Follow the directions on the packet and add the food to your vase. 
    • Place your freshly trimmed stems in the vase and set in a cool place in your home away from bright windows and heat/ac vents. 
    • Change the water in your vase every few days to keep it fresh. You can also give your flowers another little trim at the bottom halfway through the week to keep them drinking at their full capacity. 
    • Please keep all flowers away from pets and children. 
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