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Our Mission 

Here at Terre à Terre Farm we prioritize using sustainable farming methods as we know that the cut flower industry can have a significant impact on the environment. We focus heavily on soil health and biodiversity, helping to maintain healthy ecosystems and promoting long-term fertility of the land.  

Our Approach 

Ladybug predator

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

We use biological control agents, such as beneficial insects, to help manage pests naturally. We implement intercropping to help attract and maintain a predatory population. 

Soil Health Management

We use the No-till method here on the farm reducing soil disturbance, preserving soil structure and preventing erosion. No-till practices help maintain soil organic matter and protect beneficial soil organisms. The use of cover cropping helps us reduce weeds while enhancing the organic matter in our soil. 

Soil Health
Blue Bird eating insect

Wildlife Conservation

We believe in implementing practices that protect and promote the health of local ecosystems and native species. Leaving areas of the farm untouched for natural habitat and incorporating other plants that provide shelter and food for our important friends creates a wonderful working relationship! 

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